Buyer Persona: Stay Human, at Scale

How to leverage quantitative and qualitative information to define an effective and data driven Sales & Marketing Strategy

Hands-on study of how to gain crucial insights on all the pain-points of our customers along their buying journey, what works and what doesn’t.

Far from being just an additional study on the buyer process and behaviour, In our work, what we are interested in, is finding out from real buyers, exactly what steps they took, and what worked and didn’t work for each step of their buying process, because if we can be the company that makes easier for them to go through that process, then that will reppresent the source of the competitive advantage for us.

We leverage from both qualitative data (interviews, and surveys), and quantitative data (big data analysis), to gain a 360° view of every customer, to address all blockers of their journey and progressively increase ROI., and we do that by:

• Defining a roadmap of steps and instruments to help any business acquire and complete view of their customers

• Mapping all their buying processes, steps and pain-points as they develop and change through time

• to ultimately being able to gain insights, take action and report accordingly.

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