How many and which ways are there to support the development of new business models?

Crowdfunding is a means which is growing rapidly and offers the opportunity to sustain open innovation and reduce costs, that need to be covered by corporate, in experimenting and launching new products.

Crowdfunding is not only an incentive for independent initiatives of entrepreneurs or start-ups , but also a precious instrument for corporates.

To take advantage of crowdfunding and adapt it to enterprises’ contexts, it’s important to understand how it works, the composition of the crowd and the drivers who lead investment decisions.

Developing an enterprise’s crowdfunding model - that is involved in an innovation process for the company - makes possible to finance, test and validate innovative products and services, to create new revenues, to explore related sectors…moreover it allows to encourage employees’ enterprising and promote the culture of innovation in order to be proactive.

The excellence centre Ars et Inventio - specialized Open Innovation and Innovation Management- supports its customers in defining and implementing innovation and enterprise’s crowdfunding models.

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