Diversity belongs to us. How to deal with it?

It is a matter of fact that the heterogeneous is intrinsic in society. Diversity concerns us; indeed, it belongs to us. So how to deal with diversity? La diversità It cannot be the end point but the starting point. Not a thick and impassable wall, but a flexible and constant connection. Not a border but a horizon in which diversities are respected, accepted and transformed into value. This is the essence of Diversity & Inclusion.

D&I according to BIP

Our D&I strategy is based on a systemic approach that is able to identify the maturity stage of the organization with respect to the inclusion and activation of differences with a view to enhancing them by clarifying objectives, priorities and impacts. Starting from the experience in the field, we at BIP have created a D&I strategy on three levels of action: open door, open mind, open system:

  1. Open Door

  2. Open Mind

  3. Open System

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