Enablement for the CRM platforms

Enabling personalized CRM platforms for our clients by optimizing off-the shelf functionalities and providing exhaustive no-code/ low-code solutions

Cost-Optimized approach to managing Customer Relationships: from Lead Generation to Customer Loyalty without coding.

The Enablement approach leverages on the use of LCAPs (Low-Code Application Platforms) and provides a total personalization of the CRM systems, allowing for efficient Customer Management in all stages of the sales process: from Pre-Sales to Post-Sales and Customer Retention. This reduces dependency on a System Integrator for platform maintenance and servicing for consistently evolving business needs. Core steps of the process are the following:

  • Maximization of the utility of the off-the-shelf platform capabilities, optimizing licensing costs;

  • Extensive use of Low-Code/ No-Code developing, in order not to create legacy issues for future automatic core platform updates and to allow for easy functional reconfigurations if and when necessary;

  • Platform development in a side-by-side fashion with a representative of the end-users, in a way that allows for a direct transfer of capabilities and knowledge needed to carry out possible future developments autonomously when a business need arises.

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Enables the platform

The Enabler personalizes the platform side-by-side with the end-user, by adapting its functionalities to specific business needs in the most efficient way possible.

Senior Enabler

Creates customizable add-ons

The Senior Enabler develops the Low-Code/ No-Code Solutions to be added to the platform chosen by the business users. These solutions are made to be parametrizable, rendering them reusable and customizable by the end-users.

Subject Matter Expert

Provides insights for business process optimization

The Subject Matter Expert provides experience-based support to other team members. He advises Enablers on how to improve platform functionalities to better match business processes and follows up with Senior Enablers on what Low-Code/ No-Code add-ons might be necessary.


Adapting the CRM Platform to our Client’s business

The engines are a collection of Low-Code/ No-Code solutions that allow for functioning of the desired processes on the CRM platform, by shifting the paradigm from a user that adapts to the platform to a platform that adapts to the user.


Proprietary low-code solutions

Microservices are simple, decoupled code strings that are replicable and parametrizable at 100%. This renders our solutions applicable to a wide variety of businesses of our clients and at the same time minimizes the time-to-market for development of our proposed solutions.

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