Personalization of the buying process for every individual customer with the use of Engines and Microservices in Low Code Application Platforms (LCAPs)

Implementation of an omnichannel purchasing experience for Business and Consumer customers, so to profile them and track their preferences in every point of contact with the seller.

Integration between different types of Low Code Application Platforms (LCAP) to guarantee a correct real-time flow of information and to allow an omnichannel management of the customer, using BIP’s proprietary Engines and Microservices

The development of digitalization and its ever greater importance in everyday life forces a great number of companies to use a series of customer relationship platforms and marketing automation platforms, as to provide its customers not only with a product, but with a positive overall experience. According to “Salesforce State of Marketing Report”, 80% of interviewed customers states that the purchasing experience is as important as the purchased product or service.

For this reason, it is paramount to personalize every single purchasing experience as much as possible, using all obtained data and making it available to all platforms and software directly interacting with the customer.

To guarantee a smooth purchasing experience, BIP offers some profiling, configuration and integration tools, like:

  • Tag Assignment Engine, that assigns tags to every single Lead/ Prospect/ Customer record based on the data obtained in the different points of contact. Such Tags can be automatically updated based on data’s field update;

  • Profiling Engine, a profile-assignment tool that assigns a profile to every Lead/ Prospect/ Customer record based on the different assigned Tags, automatically updating per each Tag variation;

  • Configuration Engine, that allows to pre-configure products based on the customer’s data, thus personalizing the customer experience based on single customer’s specific needs and not on that of a generic profile;

  • Integration Microservices, used to integrate all data available between different platforms, such as a CRM and a Marketing Automation platform, in real time. This is very useful to personalize not only the purchasing experience, but also the messages that the company wants to convey to the customer.

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