Financial Services

We know how to anticipate the continuous evolution of the Fintech world and have always made this capacity available to Banks, Insurance Companies, Payment Service Providers and all new market players. 

Since 2013, financial services have been undergoing an important phase of renewal and technological development, based on three directives of change:

  • Open Innovation

  • Data Economy

  • Full 24/7 Omnichannelling

Open Innovation:

with its openness to outside, this phase overturns the traditional concept of universal banking, offering the chance to gain time to market and concentrating a company's resources on its core business.

Data Economy:

every year the quantity of information produced is equal to that collected in all previous years. For financial institutions, this is a huge opportunity to be able to plan new services and information systems.

24/7 Omnichannelling:

while the economy makes the world go round, transactions cannot only take place in certain places and at certain times. Financial servants should know how to appear wherever they are needed, then disappear without requiring further commitment from a clientele that prefers to devote itself to something else.

Bip helps new entrants and incumbents build a successful strategy for the digital age, integrating vertical competencies with experience in other sectors.

Our Offering

We create business value by acting on two levers:

  • Increase in revenues and reduction of operating costs (P&L value initiatives)

  • Strategic positioning within the market (Enterprise Value/Share Value)

In the P&L field, we indicate both how to exploit digital innovation to increase revenue (Digital Business), and how to reduce operating costs and make IT infrastructure more efficient (Digital Operations & IT).

In the Enterprise Value/Share Value field, we support strategic operations (Strategic Transformation), creating new business opportunities (Open Innovation) and implementing more effective working methods (Cultural Change & Digital Acumen).

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