Telco, Media & Entertainment

We are building the era of convergence in the sector that is dominating our age .

Telco & Media is the sector where one of the most intense battles of the global economy is being fought.

In response to the great changes in business conduct and models made possible by technology, the world's major players are focusing their future on diversifying services and integrating production, distribution and direct monetisation of content and services, based on unprecedented investments and trade agreements.

A revolutionary value chain is being created that breaks down traditional barriers and disintermediates the usual suppliers, and which could allow an electricity and gas operator to offer access to broadband, deliver content and manage the relationship directly with the customer.

This competitive clash between giants is mobilising large strategic, financial and technological assets, but we are convinced that the real success factor will be the ability to create the best experience for the end customer, minimising complexity and maximising satisfaction. Entertainment will play a fundamental role in this process, with a greater mix between the passive (broadcast media) and the active (gaming).

Our Offering

We operate in the field of business transformation for the digital age:

  • redefining positioning and the offer up to managing the "in-life" of new services (multi-platform transformations, revising delivery models, proposition development, relaunch projects)

  • supporting OTT (over the top) start-ups, convergence analysis of systems and processes for multi-country products and services, integrating Telco & Media business lines

  • data-driven Customer Base Management, with predictive models to maximise Customer Satisfaction

  • Digital Product Development, with functional design, technological experience and go-to-market for launching OTT digital products

  • Partnership Management, through identifying and selecting commercial and loyalty partners

  • Compliance analysis on processes, network systems and content delivery, predictive maintenance activities, planning and optimising network investments

We leverage our core competencies so that clients can excel in transformation:


  • Strategic Technology Plan

  • Technology Assets and Vendor Advisory

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Digital Open Architecture

  • IT Operating Model

Marketing & Sales

  • Digital Marketing

  • Product & Service Design

  • Loyalty Programmes, Retention & Prevention

  • Campaign Ideation & Management

  • Sales force optimisation

  • Customer acquisition management

  • Media strategy, planning and budget allocation

Human Capital

  • Agile Execution

  • Training 4 Transformation

  • Team Meaning

  • Employee-Centric HR Transformation

  • Complexity Resolution

Customer Operation

  • Service Model

  • Operating Model

  • Sourcing strategy

  • Digital Care

  • Channel strategy

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Enterprise Control

  • Performance Management

  • Controlling

  • Finance Operations

  • Business Assurance

  • Transformation Programmes

Client Results

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