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We use software technologies and platforms to enhance the customer's business and maximise ROI.

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A team of experts that integrates business management with cutting-edge development technologies

Every company is a technological company.

It's easy to agree with this principle, much less so to apply it. Technological solutions are often acquired in a fragmented way, trying to adapt them to existing platforms, exploding costs and compromising performance, to the point of making certain investments counterproductive.

Bip Platform was created to put an end to the era of platforms that demand much and offer little, thanks to the convergence of four trends:

  1. Expansion of the functional domain enabled by Platforms as a Service ("PaaS" and "SaaS") because they incorporate services useful for all business functions

  2. Obsolescence of the traditional "Software Factory" development cycle, based on differentiating and focusing "Analysis" and "Development" activities. We are witnessing the birth of a new cycle where the model that polarises all activities is "Prototyping", achieved through convergence of the Analysis and Development phases.

  3. Increased productivity linked to the use of emerging development techniques related to micro-services and "declarative programming" (LowCode/NoCode)

  4. Increasingly quicker cycles of "fast prototyping", enabled by new professionals who can both analyse data and develop prototypes at the service of business needs

Thanks to this transformation, we can help our customers maximise business enablement processes without having to depend on complex and expensive technological processes, by:

Automating and optimising business processes

From web-to-lead to lead qualification and nurturing, from B2B sales to B2C and B2B2C sales in multichannel environments, up to after-sales and customer care

Analysing and developing all Salesforce applications

We have developed a Design Authority model to guide the customer in best use of the Salesforce SaaS and PaaS (Lightning Platform/ offer, with the utmost attention to LowCode/NoCode programming

Cross-industry experience of "Platform Enabling"

We create Academies to accompany customers on complex change management pathways and assist them in the field, with both direct and indirect mentoring and certification of commercial strengths

Failure "traditional" CRM projects of

Failure "traditional" CRM projects of

application development cycle speed

application development cycle speed

ROI in five years  using Lighting Platform As A Service

ROI in five years using Lighting Platform As A Service

Our Approach

Our approach is based on correlating what we believe to be the four indispensable components to achieve a successful ICT project:

  • Functional process and business skills

  • Data Analytics Capability

  • Design of solutions and User Experience

  • Technical application skills of the software

The prerequisites to perform our services are:

  1. Identifying best practices

    We model processes and systems and define performance and ROI, thanks to in-depth analysis of customer data and over 100 templates developed on the basis of international benchmarks and best practices

  2. Sales & Marketing Technologies Adoption

    We involve the customer in all commercial processes so that they choose the products best suited to their needs. We make sure that the sales force and marketing teams can use cutting-edge, intuitive, easy-to-use and integrable technologies

  3. Sales Academy & Certification

    We support the customer throughout the process of adopting the solutions identified, and we certify their competence in terms of products, services, relationship management with end customers and attitude towards customer care.

  4. Collaboration Programme

    We define and model all collaboration processes, both inside and outside the company, to ensure the success of all business processes.


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