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We bring companies the tools and benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, helping them seize great competitive opportunities.

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A team of experts who help clients envision their future and implement it fast

Today, with the rise of the Internet of Things, Robots and AI, it is becoming a priority to understand the true impact of digital transformation on industries and define the right strategies.

The time has come to abandon working in silos and move towards an integrated approach, leveraging digital technology. We support our customers in taking the 4.0 route decisively, helping them to design their digital architecture and develop a "data-driven organisation".

In fact, technological evolution now allows us to represent most business activities digitally: processes, physical assets, information systems, organisation and knowledge are largely digitised. We guide companies in the path that puts them under control, integrates these elements with the IT infrastructure and allows the creation of the company's Digital Twin.

This approach allows for an advanced and digital supply chain in the e-procurement phases, PLM platforms for the factory, a Digital Twin for infrastructure and integrated logistics.



projects developed

projects developed

countries involved

countries involved

Our Offering

Digital Operations 

We help large companies control and integrate Operations and IT infrastructure (Digital Operations) 

  • OT Automation  

    • MES/MOM  

    • PLM  

    • Plant Retrofitting Strategies  

    • Robot  

    • Autonomous Vehicles 

    • AGV  

  • AI for real  

    • Predictive Maintenance / Quality 

    • Advanced Demand Planning & Forecasting  

    • Smart Technical Documentation Management Systems  

  • Optimisation 

    • Resource Scheduling Models 


Digital Twin & BIM  

We guide our customers in their technological evolution, creating an organisation's Digital Twin, modelling not only its design but also its behaviour and physical resources 

  • Life Cycle approach 

    • Simulation​ 

    • Engineering​ 

    • Construction​ 

    • Operation & Maintenance 

  • Design components  

    • Policy 

    • Processes  

    • Organisation & Technology: CDE, software authoring, collaboration tools  

Supply Chain  

We monitor the entire corporate chain. 

  • Integrated logistics 

    • Sales & Operations Planning 

    • Logistics Footprint 

    • Stock Optimisation 

    • Track & Trace 

    • Blockchain 

    • Sustainability 

    • Supplier integration 

  • E-procurement

  • Blockchain

We increase productivity levels, facilitating virtuous behaviour. 

Augmented workers

  • Digital aid in the field  

    • Augmented Reality  

    • Virtual Reality  

    • Full Mobile  

  • Safe behaviour

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