We use exponential technologies to power end-to-end digital solutions, supporting data-driven transformation and scaling up responsiveness to business evolution.

We are a world-class community of 220+ highly-talented, interdisciplinary professionals


Our Domain Experts build next generation analytics solutions, setup data-driven organizations and enhance Data Management capabilities. By leveraging one of the largest, professional European Data Scientist communities - tightly coupled with Data Governance Experts and Data Strategists - we address business challenges getting the most out of data through analytics.


We guide our Clients through Cloud transition, helping our clients get the best value out of large projects of transformation. Our Cloud Architects and Engineers deliver efficient multi-cloud governance, optimized applications and data architectures, and effective Cloud migration approaches.


We experiment with, evaluate and manage innovative technologies, such as Network Automation (Virtualization and Orchestration), 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and other emerging techs. Our IT Architects, Network Engineers, Blockchain and AR/VR Experts help define strategy and design, implement these solutions and more to augment the enterprise’s digital foundation.


Build and deploy software solutions, leveraging Agile and DevOps methodologies to speed up and tailor-fit the result, adopting modern architectures on cloud infrastructure (microservices) to realize scalable, resilient and future-proof platforms. Improve efficiency and quality of business processes developing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots. Our team includes Full-Stack Developers, RPA Experts, DevOps Engineers and Agile Coaches

projects successfully delivered on a yearly basis across 20+ Countries

projects successfully delivered on a yearly basis across 20+ Countries

Open collaborations with Clients (+10% brand new Clients over year)​

Open collaborations with Clients (+10% brand new Clients over year)​

professionally certified staff

professionally certified staff

Our Approach

Led by cutting-edge innovation:

we partner with research centres and university labs to be at the forefront of technological innovation (e.g. Deep Learning and Cognitive Automation, Multi-Cloud orchestration, Network Virtualization, Edge Computing, Cloud Native Architecture, Microservices, Blockchain, AV/VR, etc.) in order to provide our Clients with sustainable and effective solutions that help achieve competitive advantage

Leverage a multi-perspective approach:

we work in cross-functional teams combining innovation, analytics and cloud, providing a vendor agnostic approach to support our Clients across the entire pipeline from idea generation to deployment.

Manage complexity with Agile and Lean methodologies:

our certified professionals guide Clients to incorporate digital transformation via lightweight sprints that provide quick wins with stepwise improvements.

Trust in co-creation:

we work in partnership with our Clients to infuse the spirit of data-driven organizations and build Digital Ecosystems, helping them make their operations smarter and more efficient via analytics-driven decisions

Champion information symmetry:

we strive to democratize information, removing barriers/silos within companies and between partners, using instruments such as Cloud Ecosystems, Smart and Agile development practices and DevOps/DataOps

Bet on Talent:

we seek highly-talented professionals to join our multi-cultural and diverse workforce and promote an open, collaborative and rewarding work environment characterized by innovation and proactiveness.

Our Offering


  • Data Strategy: designing and bringing up-to-scale complex, data-driven organizations

  • Data Governance: defining and setting up organizational/operative models and data management practices

  • Data Science: conceiving and deploying Business Intelligence and AI-powered solutions at-scale to support data-driven decision making through machine learning and cognitive technologies according to the DataOps/MLOps principles


  • Strategy and Governance: creating the foundation of the multi-cloud strategy to adopt and exploit this innovative asset by returning tangible value for the organization; setting up frameworks and practices to monitor the benefits and optimize Cloud costs according to Client expectations

  • Architecture and Optimization: designing and building scalable and future-fit business applications via microservices and cloud functions fed by accurate and real-time data pipelines; defining frameworks to continuously optimize the solution for performances, quality, security, reliability and cost control

  • Migration: migrating applications and data platforms to the cloud through a tailored approach, i.e. composing lift&shift with replatforming design, effectively balancing risks, speed and costs, adopting an action plan to prepare the organization for the transition and to govern the migration towards a satisfactory and worthwhile achievement


  • Strategy and Advisory: leading edge technology advisory and envisioning exercises through inspirational workshops and content induction; impact evaluation of innovative solutions through business case formulation; definition of roadmaps and migration plans

  • Architecture and Engineering: high- and low-level design of Digital Platforms (IT, Network, Blockchain, AR/VR,…)

  • Sourcing and Roll-Out Support: analyzing and scouting the market, managing RfI/RfP and tendering, technical project management of third-party activities and change management


  • Software Architecture: designing software architecture at application level (software layers) and platform level (software components) to meet Client requirements

  • Solution DevOps: developing and deploying highly-scalable full-stack solutions and replatforming legacy applications in a continuous integration and continuous testing approach

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): analyzing business processes and automating them by developing and deploying RPA bots

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