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We design strategies that transform businesses by putting people first.

Let’s start from our keywords: Strategy and People.

Strategy is about designing scenarios and deciding what we want the future to be like.

People is about giving your most powerful engine of transformation the instruments to bring forward that future.

Combining the two means creating a more empowering, ambitious and positive landscape than what many fear: rather than a professional world in which workers have been displaced or are enslaved by automation, we imagine organizations that will see their employees as the ultimate renewable source of transformation.

Companies wanting to be ahead of the curve and outperform their competitors in the talent market will need to completely reinvent their human capital management approach as a strategic priority and not merely a cost centre.

We call this “game changing people strategy” because our ambition is to transform organizations so that people can really call the plays.

What we do is informed by three trends:

Externalization and unbundling:

As work is distributed differently than in the traditional full-term employment model, it is important to retain a cohesive culture within a flexible organization. We design human-centric experiences and engagement programs that bring people together regardless of their contractual status.

Digitazion and automation:

In order to truly liberate people to be at their best, we need a working environment that is designed according to the needs and psychology of workers, rather than the operational requirements of technology. This is exemplified by the gradual transition from company-owned desktop solutions towards user-centric smartphone solutions.

Purpose-driven economy:

The most effective organizations will move from “Performance” to “Purpose”, attracting the most sought-after talent by giving them the opportunity to achieve mastery, autonomy, purpose and progress along their intended path, rather than adjusting to a structured career.

Our Offering

We help organizations navigate the future, prepare for it and proactively adopt it.

  • Envision future of HR scenarios

  • Employee-centric experience strategy and execution

  • Design new ways of working and learning

  • Enablement and boost of continuous improvement and change culture

We design, develop and scale new ways of working.

  • Reskilling and upskilling

  • New organization design

  • Digital HR

  • Talent attraction and retention

We execute long-lasting change programs.

  • Continuous and connected learning

  • Business process orchestration

  • Adaptive leadership programs

  • Purpose-driven communication and innovation storytelling

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