Energy & Utilities

We’ve been supporting the energy industry since our early days, and today we work with some of the largest companies in the world, helping them transition to a new age of sustainable power.

The Energy Value Chain sits at a crossroads of systemic challenges: from Decarbonization to Electrification, from Digitalization to Operation Excellence, from Urbanization to Customer Centricity, from Sustainable Capital Disciplines to Circular Economy, leading companies have to do it all, and do it soon.

This requires financing and managing large investments that overcome transnational barriers through interconnected systems and create high value-added services.

Our teams are on the front line of all these challenges, working with our clients through the entire value chain, creating opportunities for improvement and greater chances of success.

Our projects include traditional areas of intervention (M & A, post-merger integration, organizational transformation, performance improvement, operational excellence, optimization models management and operation, trading and risk management, customer strategy) as well as the transformation driven by new approaches, technologies and our digital future (data science, AI, blockchain, agile transformation, human-machine interface).

Our Offering

Deal Strategy: we help companies find the right business to invest in and see the deal through to completion and after.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Commercial Due Diligence

  • Carve-out

  • Post-merger Integration

  • Joint Ventures and Alliances

  • 100-day Plan

Digital Strategy and Innovation: we help CIOs and CTOs to define an appropriate technological strategy and accompany them during their design and implementation.

  • IT Strategy

  • Cloud Strategy

  • Go Digital

  • Service Design

  • Agile Transformation

CIO Services: we support the design and implementation of application solutions to accelerate the management of the business.

  • Business Requirements Design

  • Application Map Design

  • Project and Program Management

  • RPF Support

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • IT Finance Controlling

  • SW Asset Management

  • Vendor Management

Customer Strategy: we help clients tackle the many strategic challenges of a changing world.

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Growth Strategy

  • Organizational Strategy

  • Technology Strategy

  • Innovation Programs

  • Customer Management

Performance Improvement: we combine multi-disciplinary expertise to improve the performance of our clients’ operations, using such methodologies as task automation or process re-engineering.

  • Operations & Maintenance

  • Sourcing & Procurement

CFO Services: we support clients within CFO unit in rethinking models and systems to optimize process efficiency.

  • Budgeting & Controlling

  • Digital Investment Evaluation

  • Funding Management

Energy Management: we have a specialized unit operating in the management of power generation and in providing predictive analysis on market trends to support trading activities. We also support clients in the identification of energy efficiency measures that can increase the competitiveness of a company's core business, offering flexible and customized cost-effective solutions.

  • Renewables Strategy

  • Energy Efficiency Improvement

  • Market Strategy

  • Network Evolution

How we do it

We use advanced technologies to simulate new business models and create value for our clients, operating from the initial strategy through to the definition and roll-out of action plans.

Through a critical and constructive methodology rooted in data, we study Energy market trends and analyze performance and pain points of our clients, to provide them with solution benchmarks. We then progress to envisioning new approaches for developing digital pilots, experimenting with flexible organization models and promoting agile practices.

Client Results

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