We reinvent the operating, production and value chain models of global industry, accelerating the transition from ideation to implementation.

An epochal change is underway in industry: factories are turning towards different processing systems based on new technologies.

World manufacturing is emerging from a long phase of development, which took place in the name of globalisation. The decline of this phase, which saw a multilateral vision of international trade and the progressive liberalisation of markets assert itself at global level, opens up a new horizon and places industrial economies before new pathways.

The pressure to change is ever stronger:

  • Increasingly closer link between the external environment and the company

  • Distributed IT and advanced robotics now common in production processes

  • New responsibilities towards the customer, now considered a proper client

  • Continuous business assistance, with processes which could be equated with a sort of scheduled maintenance for products or services offered and sold

  • Knowledge products, i.e. products with an intensity of knowledge that lets them configure themselves through physical hardware, accompanied by cognitive software essential for their actual use

This has certain consequences:

  • Reduction in the number of controllable levers

  • Review of mandatory processes

  • Extension of the concept of product

  • Need to find value attributes for the customer

  • Enterprise Network

And the need to equip yourself with new competencies to cope with them:

  • Knowing how to integrate marketing with the factory

  • Knowing how to extract the maximum value from your industrial footprint

  • Developing new production capacity with a networked enterprise system

  • Knowing how to make strategic alliances to stay flexible, investing little but growing

  • Simplifying your quality and information systems and procedures with continuous improvement methods

  • Knowing how to control with indirect levers without hierarchical power

Our Offering

We operate in the following main areas:

Strategy and Operational Excellence:

we assist our customers in translating business strategy into operational strategy to support business plans. We have developed a methodology (Extended Assets Value) that integrates business and manufacturing perspectives, maximising efficiency and value


to support our customers in this task, we use an approach (Supplier Value Management) capable of obtaining the best quality, price and service


we help our customers develop a maintenance strategy that maximises reliability and availability to improve performance and cost containment. We use analytical methods and evaluate organisational maturity (Maintenance Excellence) to identify opportunities for improvement, then design viable solutions

Supply Chain Management:

we support our customers in today's challenges, which call for a review of processes to ensure governance of an increasingly complex networked system. We adopt a method (Supply Chain Process Excellence) which modulates the supply chain system in 16 linked and interconnected processes that guarantee world-class performance

Continuous Improvement:

our approach (Results by Culture) focuses on people's conduct and developing tools and processes that root them in the organisation, to form a new culture of change and continuous improvement


  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Spending continuous improvement

  • Should cost on products

  • Engineering excellence

  • Zero defects manufacturing and industry 4.0

  • Material handling & logistic optimisation

  • Real estate management

  • Discretional cost management

  • Competence mix change

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