Public Sector

We lead transformation in the public sector with innovative solutions to enhance its role at the new frontier of the digital economy.

The Public Sector is increasingly central to the digital transformation.

Agile approaches and effective responses are now essential in an economic and social context where traditional constraints and boundaries are constantly being rethought.

At the heart of digital transformation

In the digital society, citizens and businesses express huge needs for relationships and communication. Digitisation will exponentially increase the use of virtual public services and businesses will need a Public Sector that produces valuable, timely and secure information, extracting it from large volumes of data. They will need to reinvent their offer and create the conditions for profound innovation.


Digital transformation must be accompanied by a revolution in public personnel's competencies, through continuous training geared towards analytical capacity, management and exploiting data and information.

Equally, artificial intelligence will be a powerful tool for simplifying the work of public employees, who will be able to devote ever more time to relations with citizens and businesses.

More public for less

The Public Sector is under severe pressure to increase productivity, in a context of ever-decreasing economic resources.

The challenge is to improve the quality of spending and the services offered.

This should come about not only through efficient allocation of resources, but also by transforming the organisation, processes, technologies, competencies and culture and increasingly involving companies in innovative public-private partnership solutions.

Operating in the Public Sector allows us to take part in digital transformation projects on the part of policymakers and institutions charged with redesigning and implementing strategies for change in Italy and throughout Europe.

EU institutions and international organisations, European and national agencies, ministries, social security institutions, state companies, regions and regional companies, municipal and municipally-owned companies, and healthcare and hospital authorities are our privileged clients.

Our Offering

A solid methodological approach, high seniority and deep knowledge of the public sector in all its components give us a complete understanding of the needs and ways in which the customer prefers to "ground" the solution.

We operate in the following areas of expertise:

Strategies and policymaking:

we design strategies and create industrial plans for public administration bodies thanks to in-depth market and cost-benefit analysis, as well as using benchmarks and feasibility studies

Organisation and Operations:

we support the design and implementation of application solutions to accelerate business management

  • Design of public organisational structures

  • Design of working models and Business Process Management

  • Business Process Reengineering and Lean Six Sigma

  • Performance Management and Business Intelligence

  • Workforce Management

  • Transformation and Change Management

  • Organisational Network Analysis

  • Academy and Corporate University for Public Administrations

  • Process mining

  • Public procurement

  • Definition and implementation of circular economy initiatives

  • Governance, Programme and Project Management

  • Technical and economic monitoring of large infrastructure works (transport, environment, territory, security, defence)

Public Human Capital:

we take advantage of research, analytical methodologies and in-depth sector knowledge to provide support for developing and implementing Human Resources

  • Definition of competency development plans

  • Training needs analysis, classroom training, online courses, webinars

  • Organic analysis and sizing

  • Potential assessment, model definition and performance evaluation

  • Collaboration, Knowledge and Community Management

  • Analysis, organic sizing and planning and labour costs

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Organisational Digital Readiness and development plans

  • Digital Workplace

  • HR Analytics

  • Employee social media advocacy


we focus on the design and implementation of anti-corruption systems, Risk Management and Compliance

Structural funds and EU programmes:

we provide technical assistance for defining and participating in initiatives funded at national and EU level (H2020, CEF initiatives) and reporting and auditing European projects

Public Finance:

we support customers in rethinking models and systems to optimise process efficiency

  • Accounting harmonisation (Legislative Decree 118/2011 and subsequent amendments, and Legislative Decree 91/2011)

  • Financial accounting

  • Economic-capital accounting

  • Management control/analytical accounting

  • Internal control system

  • International accounting principles for the public sector (IPSAS/EPSAS)

  • Scope of consolidation and recognition of public subsidiaries (Consolidated text on subsidiary companies - - Legislative Decree 175/2016 and subsequent amendments)

  • Consolidated financial statements

Digital transformation & ICT:

we help CIOs and CTOs define an appropriate technological strategy and guide them during the design and implementation phases:

  • Digitisation strategies

  • Maturity Model

  • Cybersecurity and the GDPR

  • Big Data and Advanced Analytics

  • Defining strategies and governance of Cloud projects

  • Designing and implementing User Experience initiatives


we design organisations, roles and governance models that will allow our customers to face the challenges posed by current developments in the healthcare world

  • Industrial plans for Healthcare Providers and Hospitals

  • Defining and implementing management planning and control solutions

  • Programming regional and company requirements

  • Optimising goods and services management (costs and volumes)

  • Guiding certifiability procedures

  • Solutions for continuity of care

  • e-Health (telemedicine, teleconsultation, wearable devices, hospital 4.0, smart patients)

  • Monitoring and optimising the quality of administrative and clinical-healthcare processes

  • Designing and supporting the implementation of logistics solutions for healthcare assets (drugs and medical devices)

  • Analysing, designing and selecting ICT healthcare solutions (Emergency, CUP [one-stop booking centre], ADT, RIS/PACS, operating theatre, laboratories)

  • Analysing and designing processes and systems for medical health records

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