We help one of the industries most challenged by disruptive forces reinvent itself to thrive in the digital age.

The Retail industry is being turned upside down by the convergence of digital and physical space, with implications across the whole value chain, from logistics to distribution and payments.

This isn’t only changing what decisions retail companies make, but also who makes them: Chief Digital Officers have a wide remit to use small and big data across the whole organization; Chief Innovation Officers are tasked with inventing a new business while keeping the old one running; Chief Growth Officers are expected to design flatter internal operating systems to accelerate time-to-market and better compete with start-ups; Chief Sustainability Officers must find a way to ensure that a focus on quarterly revenues doesn’t compromise everyone’s future.

It’s happening everywhere, but faster and more intensely in Retail.

To support this transformation, we draw from the best of Bip’s talent to design cross-disciplinary teams with expertise in data, design, marketing and technology. This enables us to create more effective omni-channel strategies, develop shopper-friendly Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistants, improve E-Commerce performance and optimize geo-marketing activities based on rigorous sales forecasting.

Our Offering

  1. Brand strategy and design: what a brand stands for, and looks, sounds and feels like.

  2. Employer branding: how a company communicates and behaves toward its employees and potential hires.

  3. Go-to-market strategy: objectives, source of business, distribution and operational marketing.

  4. Customer management (CRM) & Loyalty strategy: combined technological, marketing and communication expertise to create bespoke customer programs.

  5. Marketing & Sales governance: the right processes and tools for all stakeholders to work as one.

  6. Trade Marketing & Visual Merchandising: creative, psychological and technological expertise in the service of in-store communication and promotions.

  7. Sales Forecasting: advanced predictive models to forecast store-by-store sales.

  8. Retail Excellence: KPI-driven programs to drive the effectiveness of distribution channels.

  9. Interactive store design: digital-twin solutions to design and maintain the store layout.

  10. Robot advisory: AI applications and advanced algorithms to support customer operations.

  11. Pricing & POS Solutions: selection and set-up of in-store applications.

  12. Supply Chain redesign: roles, systems and processes to drive digital transformation.

  13. Logistics & Warehousing: specialist methodologies (e.g. SixSigma) and applications to optimize processes.

  14. Assortment mix prediction: advanced forecasting models to optimize demand and material planning.

  15. Data Governance & Architecture: evolution of data strategy and practices to overcome internal silos.

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