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Bip is the consulting firm of the 21st century

The future is predictable.

We don’t know what will happen to anyone of us, but we know what will happen to everyone.

The next wave of exponential technologies has a live date

We know that a broad range of exponential technology will be ready to scale soon, that regulation will allow them to be deployed and that leading companies are already working on them

The world is not getting any younger

We know that seismic demographic changes are going to take place, we know that they’ll impact every industry, and that very few companies are set to respond to them

Asia gives big and fast new meaning

We know that Asian companies have industrialised processes to combine accelerated pace of development with the ability to serve massive volumes of customers, we know how that’s working for them and we know when they will go global

We help large companies achieve Quality at Scale before their competitors do.

What we do

We are home to analysts, scientists, engineers, designers, marketers, technologists and managers in the business of making sense and making things.

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