Bridging the gap between past and future


Bridging the gap between past and future

Introducing the New Normal Canvas

April 9, 2020


  • Ivan Ortenzi

    Chief Innovation Evangelist

  • Francesca Iannibelli

    Innovation Evangelist

At the moment, the challenge we are all facing is finding a balance between what we have given as true and hypothetical in the past and what would be a new normal in the future.

Entrepreneurs and companies need to stop to act and think of when things will come back as nothing ever happened and start to react actively to design actions.

The actual uncertainty leads to confusion, to fear: as individuals our fears are projected in our social relationship networks, Corporates ones are in their ecosystem.

What the Covid-19 highlights is that we have just one big ecosystem.

The key point now is to design the new normal, we must shift our mindset from making predictions to a culture of designing concrete initiatives to set up themselves in a tactical and strategic way.

We usually use tools to focus the change factors and to understand these in a comfortable way. But when the context changes in a very substantial way we need the change models and rules too.

We can understand and analyze critically the impacts that those unpredictable events have in the market.

Strategic Consultants, Exponential Consultants or Futurists use different tools to analyze uncertainty. We propose our “New Normal” Canvas.

This Canvas helps you to analyze and understand the impacts that unpredictable events have in your market and business model, and it aims to help you to design initiatives and solutions to react in a tactical and strategical way.

You can use the "New Normal" Canvas to update your Strategic Plan or to understand what is going on your business model. You can use this tool after an unpredictable event or to test your business model regarding some events that you can hypnotize.

We use the Canvas with Corporates, Institutions and Start Ups to prioritize and combine their scenario analysis with the business model innovation, starting from the real context situation.

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