Buyer Persona: Stay Human, at Scale


Buyer Persona: Stay Human, at Scale

December 6, 2020


  • Michael Salvaggio

    Senior Consultant

The concept and idea of designing a Buyer Profile is not a new one. In fact, companies and professionals have been aware for a long time now of how important knowing and understanding their customers is.

Finding relevant and accurate information on them, it’s another thing.

The problem with data is that not only requires analysis and interpretation, but also that there will always be a trade-off between personalization to fit customer’s needs and standardization of processes to cut down on costs.

On top of that, the issue “knowing your customers” is always the same: do we want to know everything about a person and his buying behaviors, or do we want to know everything about that person in relation to our product?

More than a story about a person, a buyer persona is what the buyer thinks about doing business with you. Very often, Buyer profiles include information very focused on describing who the person is and what he does (with lot of emphasis on the demographics and generic situational data), and not focused enough on their decision to do business with you.

This approach aims to get access to more personal and specific information regarding customers or potential opportunities in a market, by putting together quantitative and qualitative data, ultimately to define:

  1. Who are the real buyers of a business and what drives them towards a solution or product;

  2. The different steps of their buying process and decision criteria;

  3. How to effectively utilise the information acquired by considering customers’ needs and mould products and strategies to those needs;

  4. The strategy and how to minimise time and capital wastage by leveraging on keywords, preferences, and buying behaviours and learn how to properly communicate with those.

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