Data Strategy: a data-driven transformation

Data Strategy will lead your organization to become data driven, thus using data as a core asset to guide business decisions, support-ing your organization as a co-manager and co-entrepreneur throughout the whole journey.

December 9, 2019

Companies starting or undergoing an Advanced Analytics roadmap typically define Use Case list and priorities based on business pressure or stakeholder importance, but these factors alone typically result into a program which is either non sustainable in terms of technologies, of organization, or data, causing delays or non optimal Use Cases results. This often brings to a program slow down or to a decrease of appeal and of interest in Data Science.

We developed the DUDE framework to support organizations along the journey of Data-driven transformation: Understand, Define, Execute. It is a use-case driven, incremental approach to a data-driven transformation, where Use Cases are put in a row based on a deep analysis of their ROI, data and technology needed, precedences and constraints, modeling risks.

The output of this exercise is a comprehensive plan coordinating Organization, Use Cases, Technology with a ROI based sustainable approach.

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