Overview on AutoML Technologies

February 13, 2019

Automated Machine Learning (“AutoML”) is the process of automatically building and tuning complex Machine Learning models. It has been developed as an answer to the need of democratization of advanced analytics techniques enabling business analysts to act as data scientists and for automatizing repetitive processes for already expert professionals. Bip xTech study investigates whether and at which extent current AutoML technologies can replace/augment the work of Data Scientists in the various phases of building a ML model.

The paper is divided into six sections: section 1 gives a grasp of Bip xTech Center of Excellence, in section 2 we introduce the concepts of Data Science, Machine Learning and AutoML; in section 3 main interactions between Data Scientists and AutoML technologies are explained, while section 4 focuses on AutoML market overview; section 5 reports the outcomes of the tests we conducted to anwer our initial question, and eventually section 6 comments on the results and shows the next steps that this study should undertake.

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