The low-code/ no-code future of CRM platform development.


The low-code/ no-code future of CRM platform development.

The Enablement Approach and the new role of the Enabler.

April 29, 2020


  • Alberto Consani


System Integrator's approach to platform implementation is characterized by a waterfall project management approach, meaning that they execute a predefined set of steps to render the platform functional for the business users.

Any end-user training, maintenance, or updates are considered a separate project. On the other hand, Enablement approach is a much more agile process that renders it better fitting to a broad array of business needs.

Bip is the first consulting company to introduce the Enablement approach for the LCAP implementation in the Italian market.

Low Code Application Platform (LCAP) is a term coined by Gartner that defines an application platform that supports rapid application development, one-step deployment, execution and management using declarative, high-level programming abstractions, such as model-driven and metadata-based programming languages.

In essence, LCAPs are Platform as a Service (PaaS) augmented with native Low Code/ No Code capabilities which enable the development and the systematic reuse of microservices that can be parametrized to fit specific business needs.

According to Forrester Research on Total Economic Impact of the main LCAPs (Salesforce Lightning, the ServiceNow platform and Microsoft Dynamics for Customer and Field Service platform), the medium ROI of LCAP implementation over a 3-year period is over 300%.

This is taking into consideration the recurring SI’s maintenance costs, that we, as Enablers, do not have our clients incur, as our solutions are SI legacy free and can be maintained in-house. This cost saving, combined with initial implementation cost savings that we achieve by using replicable and customizable low-code/ no-code solutions, makes us confident in saying that Enablement approach is characterized by an even higher ROI.

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