Squaring the circle

Digital Humanism

An installation to represent a business. A business that some consider impossible. A business that Bip has taken on as a new challenge, ready to dare and believe in a project – with the Municipality of Milan and for Milanese citizens – that can be the perfect squaring of the circle.

The "squaring of the circle" – that is, the perfect solution to a given problem – inspired the work, designed by young artist Giulia Zorzella, which today represents the new Bip project.

A digital education project for neighbourhoods that need to be literate in this sense, to ensure that the new technologies and services connected to them really constitute a factor of social development and do not widen the gap between citizens able to use them and those who are not familiar with them.

BIP intends to demonstrate that an education activity of this type is possible and will have an effective impact on the cultural growth of Milanese citizens.

The installation takes the form of a hollow cube, into which it is possible to enter and - accompanied by music composed by pianist, director, composer and populariser Matthieu Mantanus - live the experience of a passage between two worlds, from a human and round world into one which is instead square and technological.

Sinusoidal sound waves on one hand, square on the other, human voice entering and synthesiser leaving. These are the musical components of the musical experience in the cube and thus the installation becomes the meeting place between these sounds and these very different rhythms.

A unique place where a new harmony is born between different elements that might seem antithetical, but are not. Squaring the circle.

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