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We help the Chief Innovation Officer give substance to the will to innovate, planning and managing sustainable and reproducible strategies.

In the coming years, every company will be called on to: 

  • Evaluate the impacts of trends on business dynamics 

  • Design new models to improve Open Innovation  

  • Combine innovation needs with the themes of Sustainability and Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • Predict the impact that automation will have on innovation processes  

The role of Innovation Manager will be increasingly focused along two lines: 

  • Developing strategic plans with projects capable of leveraging new technologies and finding new competitive advantages

  • Analysing new technological dynamics, future market behaviour and Big Data to generate a new "core" business 

Our experience in Corporate Innovation Management and Corporate Ideation with methodologies adopted by the Singularity University has allowed us to work alongside multinational companies, large enterprises, SMEs, startups and institutions, helping them to innovate themselves in order to innovate on the market.

Our Approach

15 years of success, projects, research, studies and content production.

Our Offering

Innovation Lab workshop 

Using corporate creativity and co-design tools, we design and customise workshops dedicated to generating ideas and initiatives. 

Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Design 

  • We analyse and map your company's ecosystem and innovation needs

  • We select and customise your open innovation pathway with industry experts

  • We define your ecosystem's engagement tools, including: call for ideas, call for startup, challenge network and hackathon

Innovation Management and Execution Plan 

  • We evaluate innovation priorities

  • We map competencies and previous experience

  • We analyse defined competencies

  • We customise, design and implement the innovation process

  • We help implement and manage the first initiatives

  • We implement governance in terms of innovation, budget strategies and communication

  • We identify platforms for creating ideas and innovation management

Innovation design for sustainable projects 

  • We evaluate the feasibility of the sustainability model

  • We map competencies and previous experience

  • We define, customise, design and conduct workshops to create initiatives dedicated to your sustainability model

  • We implement governance for the sustainability of budget and communication strategies

  • We identify partners for sustainability initiatives, CSR and CSV

ExO workshop 

  • We design and customise workshops for generating new business models and radical initiatives, through tools and methodologies specific to exponential organisations, as codified by the Singularity University.

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