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The very nature of the Finance function is undergoing a massive evolution. Bip helps its customers be at the forefront of this transformation.

Finance sits at the very core of a business, and is subject to three forces that are reshaping the corporate world: new priorities, new ways of working and new tools.

CFOs aspiring to drive the success of their companies will find the right way to balance stability and evolution in three key areas:

[Transforming Finance for Finance]

Promote new Finance operating models: transform all finance capabilities (internal processes, people, technology), and introduce new ways of working that are data-driven, lean and technology-enabled in order to ensure operational excellence in daily delivery activities, together with consistent support for statutory and compliance responsibilities.

[Transforming Finance for the other functions]

Be a partner for the Business in the company-wide digital transformation: partner with other functions to execute transformative strategies, by supporting decision-making in a business context where:

  • the request for information is moving from the traditional ex-post analysis and reporting to real time data and predictive insights;

  • game-changing opportunities require fast and continuous investments;

  • an increasing complexity requires careful managing, both internally and externally;

  • new risks coming from emerging digital business models should be mitigated.

[Transforming Finance for growth]

Act as architect of the value: directly drive strategic and business initiatives across the organization moving from cost controlling/cutting responsibilities to the direct research and promotion of opportunities to drive top- and bottom-line growth.

Our Approach

Even more so than today, Finance will soon be embedded in the very heart of the business: in some organizations these changes will be evolutionary, in other revolutionary.

We support the Finance transformation from strategy to implementation in daily operations through:

  • business advisory

  • finance check-up & diagnostic

  • digital solutions delivery

  • staff augmentation / shadowing

Our Offering

Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach and advanced capabilities in data and technology, we’re able to combine traditional solutions with innovative propositions:

Unlock the value of data:

Manage and optimize the financial information available, enabling new models for the evaluation of enterprise performance, for the definition of short-/long-term plans and to support the main decision-making processes:

  • Management accounting & controlling models

  • Integrated budgeting & planning models

  • Advanced analytics & intelligent forecasting

  • Business Intelligence & analytics

  • Investment appraisal & capex optimization

Leverage digital enablers:

Introduce new systems and technology enablers supporting finance core activities:

  • Digital & IT Strategy

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & cognitive computing

  • Corporate Performance Management solutions

Establish new operating models:

Define new operating and delivery models for the Finance function according to the needs and opportunities coming from markets’ evolution, new business models and new digital technologies:

  • Digital Finance envisioning

  • Finance transformation programs

  • Finance operating models

Embrace new ways of working:

Transform the traditional Finance organizational models, promote new collaborative and lean ways of working (e.g. Excellence Centres, Agile CFO), manage new skills and develop people and their talents:

  • Organizational models

  • Integrated working solutions (knowledge & innovation management; agile & lean CFO, ...)

  • Business Academies (for Finance and non-Finance staff)

Safeguard the foundations:

Optimize finance operations and transactional processes, mitigate financial risks, manage statutory and compliance obligations:

  • Accounting principles alignment & financial reporting models

  • Finance operations optimization (A/P, A/R, treasury, ...)

  • Credit & Fraud management

  • Revenue Assurance

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

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