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We help large organizations become Market Makers, using marketing insight, creativity, data and technology to innovate and accelerate growth.

  • Marketing technology will become more about marketing than about technology

  • Rigorous data-driven approaches will provide support for long-term brand building

  • The key competitive dynamic will shift from Market Leader v Market Follower to Market Maker vs Market Taker

When people talk about how marketing is changing, they often refer to marketing automation technology. They’re not wrong, but they’re not right either. The real change is simpler, deeper and more disruptive: it’s easier to do things, and it’s easier to do things differently. In other words, what happened to the music industry has become contagious.

Established categories have become more fluid, and this leaves marketers with a choice: either you make your market as you want it to be, or you take it as someone else makes it. The former is tough, but it beats being left at the mercy of someone else.

Becoming a Market Maker requires putting the new opportunities of technology in the service of the fundamentals of marketing, leveraging the robust findings from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, the IPA and other research bodies to focus on effectiveness and sustainable value creation.

Our Approach

  1. Only what’s consequential: we spend as much energy focusing on what not to do as we do on delivering what needs to be done.

  2. Design to deliver: we always towards a live date, and our thinking is shaped by the next immediate action.

  3. Open doing: we retain ownership of the outcome but are open to working with partners on a do-or-manage model.

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