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We enable COOs to achieve efficient data-driven Operations.

Operations can still benefit from the Continuous Improvement toolbox but COOs who want to establish a competitive advantage need to turn to disruptive technologies.

Digital Integrated Supply Chain

The impact of changes that have taken place in this area in recent years is enormously underestimated. The products available to us would not exist and the way we use them would not be the same without an efficient global supply chain.

While the conventional application of best practices can still deliver marginal improvements, we need entirely new approaches to meet new challenges, first of all, ambitious Sustainability objectives.

Digital Twins

The evolution of technology already allows the representation and digital management of most activities of a company: processes; physical assets; information systems; organization and knowledge are in fact already largely digitalized.

The next challenge is the integration of these elements, aimed at creating a true Digital Twin of the company in which the information is up-to-date, non-redundant and interconnected.

The road to the Digital Twin is a virtuous path that can deliver immediate rewards on efficiency, but it requires creating a database on which to apply advanced monitoring, simulation and decision tools, such as those made available by Artificial Intelligence.

AI for real

What should be done with the data generated and collected by internal systems and sensors and external sources? While the potential of AI is often hindered by its hype, we’re now at a stage where there is an established industry that can deploy verified applications and tools capable of supporting Operations, right here right now.

Our Approach

Bip enables large organizations to adopt an end-to-end data-driven approach to Operations.

We start with a thorough assessment of their context, goals, and constraints, based on both quantitative data and human insights. We then design an evolutionary model applying a mix of transformative technologies and process competencies, supported by experience and insights from a range of industries.

Once the destination is clear, we deliver incremental innovations along defined milestones to show visible signs of change, and we don’t take a break until every single objective has been achieved.

Our Offering

Digital Operations

we help organizations control and integrate their operations and their IT infrastructure (Digital Operations)

OT Automation


  • PLM

  • Plant Retrofitting Strategies

  • Robot

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • AGV

AI 4 Real

  • Predictive Maintenance / Quality

  • Advanced Demand Planning & Forecasting

  • Smart Technical Documentation Management Systems


  • Resource Scheduling Models

Digital Twin & BIM

we lead customers through the evolution of technology, creating a true Digital Twin of their company, not only in its design, but also in the modelling of its behaviours and its physical properties

Life Cycle approach

  • Simulation​

  • Engineering​

  • Construction​

  • Operation & Maintenance​

Design components

  • Policies

  • Process

  • Organization & Technology: CDE, SW authoring, Collaboration tools

Supply Chain

we monitor the supply, production and distribution chain

Integrated logistics

  • Sales & Operations Planning

  • Logistics Footprint

  • Stock Optimization

  • Track-Trace

  • Blockchain

  • Sustainability

  • Supplier integration


  • KPI e dashboard

  • Digital Control Tower

Industrial Deals

we help organizations analyse the eligibility of their investments and maximize their volume

Funding Initiative

  • Industry 4.0 Tax Incentives evaluation

  • Approach to regulated-tariff industries​

Evaluation & Integration

  • Operations due diligence

  • Industrial integration plans and implementation

We increase customers productivity, explaining how to advance their employees safe behaviour and providing digital instruments to do it (Augmented workers)

Digital aid on field

  • Augmented Reality

  • Virtual Reality

  • Full Mobile

Safe behaviour

Client results

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