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We help the Chief Procurement Officer assume the role of Business Partner within their organisation, making the purchasing process an integral part of the corporate culture in order to anticipate and respond effectively to the challenges posed by today's supply market.

The modern Purchasing Department must necessarily assume the strategic role of integrating the supply chain, optimising internal demand and supporting product innovation, in order to keep up with the times.

The CPO must therefore be aware of the main directions of change:

  • Digital Innovation

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Sustainability

Digital Innovation involves renewing procurement management through traditional tools reinterpreted on the basis of new paradigms, guiding the innovation of its key suppliers with a view to sharing competitive advantage (COMAKERSHIP), or resorting to the use of new technological solutions (DIGITAL PROCUREMENT).

Risk Mitigation helps formalise and supervise risk management logic, aimed at ensuring supply continuity and technical and regulatory compliance. This approach also entails evaluating the risks related to potential and effective suppliers outside the company system (SUPPLIER REPUTATION), and collaborating with the financial division and all the other stakeholders involved, both internal and external (BLOCK CHAIN).

Sustainability makes it possible to take on a proactive role in governing demand towards the "necessary" and favouring socially responsible and zero-impact purchasing solutions (GREEN PROCUREMENT, CRADLE TO CRADLE, CIRCULAR ECONOMY)

Our approach

Our approach is divided into three phases:

  • Analysis & Diagnostics: rapid and effective analysis of management history, and evaluation of the current purchase model's maturity level based on a database consolidated over years of collaboration with major companies, industry and methodological accelerators

  • Design to Adoption: through a visioning process shared with the customer, we design forecasting, management and operational models which are innovative and integrated with available technological and digital solutions, in order to always ensure maximum levels of concreteness, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and automation.

  • Implementation & Results Collection: we also support the customer in the implementation phase, in order to encourage knowledge-sharing and on-the-job tutoring. On projects that foresee objectively and immediately measurable results, including in economic terms, we are available for a success fee, confirming our commitment and the solidity of our value proposition.

Our Offering

Procurement Transformation

We help companies design and implement the best organisational and management model, to simplify their purchasing systems and have all the tools necessary to achieve a better competitive position

Procurement Planning & Control

Our approach to demand management focuses on correctly identifying internal needs and orienting demand to the correct functionality of use, in line with market standards.

Our many years' experience designing KPIs and Procurement Dashboards allows us to have threshold values in order to define targets and warnings in line with the sector's best practices

Supplier Relationship Model & Contract Management Optimisation

We deal with designing and implementing Vendor Management models by applying the "life cycle" theory to supplier relations: supplier evaluation can be carried out with increasing levels of completeness and reliability for the entire "supplier life cycle", from scouting (potential) to qualifications (certification) and ending with performance evaluation (rating)

Procurement Process Outsourcing

We provide concrete support both in the feasibility analysis phases for outsourcing solutions, and in their grounding in terms of vendor selection, but also by directly delivering the requested services through a network of commodity experts and vertical procurement solution companies

Strategic & Operative Sourcing

We offer concrete support in the operational phases to implement the solutions identified, as well as traditional Strategic Sourcing services focused on segmenting expenditure to achieve savings and improved quality. We count on the collaboration of a network of product category specialists, with years of experience in rationalising the spending of private and public companies

Sustainable Procurement

We have innovative methodologies and approaches to help our customers on their evolutionary pathway towards creating value while respecting sustainability

Digital IT - eProcurement Solutions

We help our customers design their own system architecture to support the procurement process and choose the best IT solutions available on the market. We can also provide customised solutions to deal with specific problems

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