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We create the best sales experiences on the market by facilitating collaboration between the commercial structure and the entire company.

We help CSOs lead the transformation of commercial organisations, so that salespeople, processes and the sales platform are much more efficient and effective than the competition.

To do this, we strengthen relationships between CSOs and the entire company, so they have access to the resources that are indispensable for their success: from Human Resources, the best process for developing sales personnel; from IT, a fast and effective platform with which to obtain customer information and keep it up-to-date; from Marketing, the most suitable tools to guide individual value propositions, and from Operations, the easiest way to manage provisioning and post-sales activities.

CSOs must also consider the multichannel approach to the market, which means exploring the customer's entire pathway and all the points of contact managed by different contributors. The latter manage physical or virtual channels and should have a strong level of partnership with the company, to ensure that the strategy for communication with the customer is aligned.

Our Approach

Each of our actions is aimed at providing commercial organisations with what we call Smart Enablement.

We help CSOs, CMOs and CEOs adopt the most effective processes, the most suitable methodologies, and the best technologies and systems to support the digitisation of sales organisation.

To do this, we implement solutions and structures with simple architecture and easy-to-measure performance.

We work to optimise every investment and increase the impact on business results, with activities categorised in three main segments:

  • Analysis & Consulting: we analyse the history of the customer's data and processes and compare it with reference benchmarks. We thus identify the gaps between the current situation and the objectives, and identify the best solutions for achieving them

  • Smart Development & Enablement: we design and develop no-code solutions, with intuitive and easy-to-adopt user interfaces. We allow marketing and the sales force to acquire the competencies and expertise necessary to make full use of the technologies acquired

  • Results Collection & Performance Analysis: we constantly analyse and fine-tune the customer's performance to progressively improve results, closing the gaps with the defined objectives and increasing ROI

Our Offering

We operate in five main areas of expertise:

Identifying sales best practices

We model processes and systems and define their performance and ROI, thanks to in-depth analysis of customer data and the use of international benchmarks and best practices, starting by defining concrete and tangible goals

Sales & Marketing, Process and Technology Adoption

We put our customer's customer at the centre of all business processes, in order to design them according to sales best practices and choose the solutions that best suit their needs. We provide the sales force and marketing with cutting-edge technologies that are intuitive, easy to use and can be integrated with each other

Sales Academy & Certification

We support customers throughout the entire process of adopting the identified solutions, helping them adapt their practices and sales structures to modern and efficient methods.

We train people and certify their competencies in terms of managing customer relations, knowledge of products and services, attitude towards "customer-centricity" and adopting behaviours

Collaboration Programme

We define and model the internal and external collaboration processes to achieve and maintain critical success factors

Sales Outsourcing Service

We help customers deal with situations of strong discontinuity in the commercial approach (product, channel or final market innovation). We directly provide the organisational competencies to test the new methodology, evaluate the results and extend the practice once it has started


Miller Heiman Group – As an Independent Sales Consultant, we support the customer globally in the process of acquiring and adopting the methodologies of the leading international company specialised in Sales Performance – – We support the customer in choosing the best configuration of the solution and, with our certified personnel, work alongside the customer as adviser for its implementation –

Balance – We have the support of one of's main Gold Certified partners for carrying out System Integrator activities –

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