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We combine cross-industry knowledge to design new business Strategies that can be rapidly implemented into effective solutions for our clients’ Operations. 

The digital revolution is leaving no industry untouched, inviting all businesses to rethink themselves before someone else does it to them against their will.

The key challenges for our customers are:

  • New Business Models: Technology is not only allowing new ventures, but also enabling completely new revenue models. Clients should understand how to adapt their current businesses and set up new ones while competing with new entrants that play by entirely different rules.

  • Reconfiguration of Value Chains: Industry value chains are unceasingly fragmenting and recomposing, identifying a variety of client-supplier segments, service models, business opportunities and threats and upending traditional concepts of scale economies or vertical integration.

  • The Collapse of Time: Strategic design and implementation, strategic thinking and technological opportunities, information collection and elaboration in effective decisions: all these moments, once sequential, are today collapsing and need to be addressed jointly, quickly and effectively.

We address these challenges combining research, analysis, interviews and workshops to cooperatively identify the strategic path for growth. This may involve designing a mid-term strategy or implementing changes in operational activities.

We find that success comes from employing an “inside company” approach to help us better understand the internal dynamics and factors that are as critical to a positive outcome as the external conditions.

Our Offering

Strategy & Innovation

  • Market entry strategy

  • Business model definition

  • Industrial & Strategic plan

  • Investment valuation & Tenders

M&A: Deal Design & Execution

  • M&A Strategy & Target scouting

  • Commercial Due Diligence

  • Economic Valuation & Business Plan

  • Integration Design

Strategy Deployment: Organization & Operations

  • Organizational Design

  • Operating Model Design

  • Operational Excellence

  • Sizing and Forecasting Models

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