Case Studies

A Blockchain accessible to the entire production chain


Our client in the Food & Beverage sector has decided to strengthen their loyalty initiative aimed at producers and intermediaries, spread a culture of quality-based segregation of raw materials and goods, and promote best practices through a digital solution that aims to:

  • Increase product traceability thus obtaining an end-to-end visibility of the production chain

  • Increase stakeholder accountability to improve the sustainability and quality of products

  • Encourage and improve stakeholder loyalty with an automatically and impartially disbursed, token-based rewards system.

Decisions and actions

The company has decided to develop and implement, with our help, a solution developed on Blockchain technology that is accessible to all stakeholders. Studying the business processes and behaviours along the production chain, an easily manageable and implementable solution was identified. We have ideated, conceptualized and developed a web app that interacts with the blockchain to collect and store information concerning the production flows and transactions (exchanges) between stakeholders of both a physical (the raw materials or goods) and digital (the tokens representing said raw materials or goods) nature.


The Blockchain web app has enabled the client to realize the following benefits:

  • A solution that creates business-value from the beginning with a limited CAPEX for the digitization of the downstream supply chain

  • A dashboard that allows deep visibility of the supply chain without affecting the privacy of stakeholders

  • An increase in efficiency in the production chain and reduction of information asymmetry

  • Easy, impartial and automated reward disbursements to stakeholders who adhere to the parameters set forth in the initiative

  • Creating a competitive advantage and increasing trust in the end consumer.

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