Case Studies

A new Controlling model integrating Finance and Business versions of the truth


The client is a Mobile and Telco operator with over 70 mln of lines; complexity due to a fast changing market was leading to a limited visibility on the real drivers impacting business performances and to be considered for the implementation of reliable operational/financial plans.

Decisions and actions

We led a greenfield redesign of the management controlling model (business views, dimensions, controlling objects) and processes (Record to Report, Planning) to ensure:

  • the availability of a single number shared by both Finance / Business Lines and fully reconciled with statutory accounts

  • a performance monitoring framework aligned with the new market trends, the new commercial offering and the upcoming technology evolutions

  • an integrated dashboard and planning engine combining financial and operational performance indicators (driver-based reporting & planning)

  • a clear distinction between Finance / Business Lines reporting and planning accountabilities focusing on the main grey areas (e.g. dealer commissions, acquisition & retention costs, network assets, G&A).


  • Consistency assurance on management information: full reconciliation "by design" between operational and financial data

  • Broader KPIs coverage for both business and financial information needs

  • Simplification RtR and planning processes

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