Finding the ignition point!

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Finding the ignition point!

Case study: bolttech

August 3, 2020


A real case that offers some food for thought to Sales Leaders who intend to embark on a Sales Transformation path is that of bolttech: an international digital protection and insurance company with a vision aimed at developing a global network and a history of innovation.

Bolttech is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based PCG Pacific Century Group. It is the sum of various acquisitions made worldwide in the last 8 years and operates in 3 continents (USA, Europe, Asia) and 12 markets including Italy. It has about 1,400 employees worldwide. It mainly deals with Device Protection and Digital Brokerage services. The former concerns the protection of smartphones and all associated services (Repair, Replacement, Upgrade, Trade-In). In the sphere of Digital Brokerage, it deals with the transformation of the insurance world into digital and provides digital platforms to the insurance world. Today in Italy it provides a turnkey service to Windtre for the management of the Reload product.

Decisions and Actions

To support the strategy of launching a new B2C service on the Italian market, through the retail channel of a leading multinational Telco, bolttech has bet on the design and implementation of the "Ambassador" programme.

The latter consists in the outsourced management of a network of sales agents, the "Ambassadors", in order to promote the sale of the service and monitor its commercial performance according to the activities carried out in the territory.

The implementation of the programme has been divided into the following activities:

  • Recruiting and defining the operating model of the "Ambassador" network

  • Territory segmentation, portfolio definition and POS mapping

  • Development and implementation of a CRM system built around the model

  • Monitoring of commercial performance according to the activities carried out in the territory

To enable the distribution network to sell its services, bolttech chose to operate through a strategy that could leverage the "domino effect" among entrepreneurs: the ability of the Ambassadors to engage the Opinion Leaders in the Vendor's distribution network.

The constant monitoring of commercial performance according to the activities carried out on the territory by the Ambassadors has made it possible to follow the take-off of the service in real time. By keeping the pace of growth of its business high, bolttech was able to intercept the weak points of the offer and take prompt action to improve customer management.


The "Ambassador" programme was able to reinvent itself during contingencies of extraordinary magnitude, such as a pandemic lockdown, implementing an operational model of "new normality". Through "Virtual Meeting 1to1", "Active On Demand Support", "Web entrepreneurs' classroom", the Ambassadors continued to guarantee their certified support on the territory, demonstrating their adaptation to the current emergency and readiness for the imminent launch of new services.

The experience with the ambassador team is extremely positive and has enabled us to achieve success with the Reload product in Italy. The sales approach, commercial skills, structured sales organisation, creation and use of customised tools suitable to provide the pulse of the market at all times and locations in Italy, as well as an excellent dose of passion that was appreciated especially in complex times such as lockdown, were all crucial for this success.

Luca Foletto, Head of Sales & Marketing, bolttech Italy.

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