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CRM as a business collaboration tool

The Italian independent investment bank Equita – with more than 45 years experience – decides to revolutionise the way it does business implementing new systems to improves the efficiency of its activities (both of the trading floor and other business areas), through an ecosystem of data and state-of-the-art facilities.


Equita is a fast-growing listed company which specialises in the brokerage of several financial instruments (equities, bonds, derivatives and ETFs) and that offers investment banking services to corporates and financial institutions. Equita also offers asset management services (with a specific focus on alternative assets) to support institutional investors with illiquid strategies and helps banking groups to co-develop new products for their private banking networks.

Equita stands out for its independence, quality research and deep knowledge of the Italian capital markets, as well as its long-standing relationships with institutional investors.

Over the years the business has grown significantly, and the company increasingly experienced the need to track and combine the trading floor and investment banking platform’s operations, also seeking to unify the customer registry view and track performance over time.

The changes that have occurred in recent years - both at corporate and business level - have not completely allowed Equita to fully and synergically exploit all the available information (from relations between customers to Equita personnel, to performance and KPIs associated with the daily business activities).

The goal has been therefore to remodel the applicative part of the business, facilitating the acquisition and usability of data made available to employees, creating a simple and intuitive system which also makes possible to associate all the activities done on a daily basis with each customer, and track any related information.

Decisions and actions

We therefore immediately began an analysis process with the company itself, aimed at defining new customer sales and management processes from a "customer-centric" perspective, with the goal of maximising opportunities for up-/cross-selling (while taking into account the Market Abuse-related regulatory limits for separating market functions including Sales, Trading and Equity Research from the private functions of M&A).

In the second phase, we worked to help Equita implement the new Salesforce CRM platform, using a low code/no code approach allowing not only savings in licensing costs and Application Maintenance, but also greater and faster acquisition of know-how for the customer itself, making it independent and autonomous even with subsequent changes in configurations and processes.


In a short time, Equita will obtain a completely defined and structured CRM based on its own needs, which will not only help improve the traceability and sharing of information and customer interactions between the various company business units, but will also increase opportunities for up-/cross-selling and the user experience of sales accounts.

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