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E-commerce: the short-term value of long-term branding



effect of Brand campaigns on customer acquisition


conversion rate of the new media mix


Our client, a leading global fashion retailers, knew that the online performance advertising that converts demand needs to be supported by brand communication that generates it. What it didn’t know was exactly how that worked, and how much investing in a long term brand was driving short term sales.

Decisions and actions

We created an econometric model that analyzed the contribution of brand campaigns to the traffic of new users to the website. The model broke down results along the media mix to assess the effectiveness of each channel, evaluating overlapping and potential cannibalization.

We then analyzed the website experience of new users to identity pain points and improvement areas, defining quick wins and long term strategic actions.

This helped the organization have a more precise and shared understanding of the value of brand campaigns and their relation with performance advertising, as well as optimize the communication strategy and media mix.

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