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Global Telco Operator: “The Making of a TowerCo”


Remaining one of the leader of the telco market means facing several challenges from incumbent new competitors to new technology deployments all impacting infrastructure management and debt leverage. Our client decided to address the challenges setting up a TowerCo to enable several business benefits, including a greater oversight of key infrastructure assets, cost efficiencies, ability to drive best practice, creating new revenue streams, and enabling financial flexibility

Decisions and actions

We supported our client into the business verticalisation phases to create the European TowerCo delivering services such as programme governance and planning, definition of operational and non operational processes and controls, creation of the data governance framework, definition of pro-forma financials and fixed asset register analysis. In 6+ months of activities we successfully supported the creation of Business Units entities in each country.

Following Investor communication and subsequent market appreciation, the project has moved into the creation of legally separated new organisation that will become operational by May 2020, which Bip still supports in term of Operating Model definition and delivery as well as the financial streams.


  • Definition of operational, non-operational processes and data governance blueprint for the 8 countries involved in the project

  • Millions of assets analysed for the creation of the fixed asset register in each country

  • Tens of billion in assets value analysed

  • Pro-forma financials (profit&loss and balance sheet) of the newly created Towerco delivered and reconciled for all countries involved

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