Case Studies

Performance of computerised sales points: evidence of efficiency and levelling gaps


The Sales Network Department of one of our clients in the large-scale retail sector deemed it necessary to implement a control system to optimise personnel activities at sales points, in order to define and standardise the activities of all store departments.

Decisions and actions

With our help, the client decided to computerise the operations of various professional roles in-store, in a structured and monitored way involving algorithms. The key aspects to monitor to achieve in-store efficiency were identified, bearing in mind the cultural constraints to be overcome:

  • high focus on sales and margins and low importance attributed to working methods

  • attention to as-is and little time dedicated to planning the future

  • widespread conviction that the work could not be done differently.


Store productivity is now calculated through weekly monitoring of the results obtained by comparing standard times (calculated by algorithms) with final times (logs).

This highlights the best-performing stores and, for the less productive ones, details for each individual activity allow immediate intervention to bridge any gaps in efficiency by understanding the causes of poor performance.

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