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Performances improvement in Circular Economy


Waste management is globally one of the most discussed industries and Bip. has developed a specific know how on circular economy related fields. One of our clients – a major waste management company at national level – asked Bip. support in order to improve its performances both reducing the operating costs and enhancing the recycling percentage.

Decisions and actions

A data-driven approach is key for a successful operations project, therefore we spent time also on the field collecting data and looking “how the job is done”. Through the analysis of large amounts of data and working shoulder by shoulder with the client, we were able to identify possible areas of improvement in the operating model and core processes (i.e. maintenance, logistic etc.).

In order to optimize the environmental impact of the waste production, we were asked to find viable solutions to increase the recycling % while guaranteeing an overall cost reduction for citizens. After a benchmarking analysis with global best practices and scouting innovative Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) solutions among start-ups, we were able to evaluate and propose a short list of solutions aimed to increase social responsibility, leveraging on the possibility to decrease the service-related fee.

Administrations are often involved in projects with high social impact. We supported the client in the direct relations with all the stakeholders (public administration, category association, business partners…) guaranteeing clear and effective communication and monitoring the correct Strategic plan deployment.


The project was carried out successfully. The innovation in the operating model and in the processes led to a significant increase in recycling % (+5 p.p.), reducing at the same time the overall operating costs ( ̴ -10%) and the environmental impact of services, by producing a better quality of differentiated waste and cutting vehicle emissions.

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