Case Studies

Process Mining analysis on Fiber Optic order cancellation for a major Italian and International Telco Company

In summary


The Global Telco Player focused its attention on Fiber Optic order cancellations, which were increasing over time.

Decisions and Actions

The Telco Company called us to implement Process Mining on this process, aimed at understanding potential internal inefficiencies, potential fraud patterns, or customer bad behavior.

An Advanced Explorative Analysis was conducted on a wide customer base.

A sophisticated statistical analysis allowed to detect meaningful relationships on cancelled orders for a number of dimensions explored, such as: time, sales channels, acquisition channels, type of customers, type of orders, location and cancellations causes.

An interactive Analytics platform was realized to provide access to the dynamic relationships among data.

A Process Mining tool was designed thus enabling the visualization of real most frequent paths followed by nullified orders and times associated to each path.

Insights were provided on process anomalies.


Real-life process maps were designed for cancelled orders.

21 critical most frequent paths were detected.

36% of total orders were identified as source of higher expenditures (related to 7 paths).

The analytical outcomes allowed to identify relevant strategies and preventive actions to optimize orders’ processing from acquisition to dispatching, with the further objective to apply Predictive Analytics to win back customers who decided to cancel their requests.

Moreover, some lack of sync between administrative and technical provisioning processes was found and repaired.

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