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Process Mining on Purchase-to-Pay for a global Energy Company

In summary


The USA branch of a Global Energy Company suspected some deviance from standard processes (Accounts Payable) and wanted to measure the degree of deviation and have some insight on good and bad practices in order to define a remediation program.

Decisions and Actions

The Energy Company called us to implement a Process Mining project, aimed at improving the Client’s performance in the whole Purchase-to-pay (P2P) process by reconstructing, analyzing and understanding the real process, highlighting inefficiencies, bottlenecks and conformance issues and giving advice on how to improve performance.

Through our help, the Company:

• Provided visibility and understanding on actual P2P process, by identifying over 3000 distinct P2P process variants

Compared the desired process (happy path) against the actual process variants (as is)

• Enabled a continuous monitoring of process efficiency, by using a well-defined set of business KPIs (e.g. event sequence checks)

The Company also improved auditing and compliance by algorithmic process comparison, analysis and validation:

• Supported process efficiency and effectiveness, by detecting process bottlenecks and less efficient paths

• Supported fraud department, by detecting non-compliant event sequences or paths

• Validated whether actual operations are in conformance with standard operating procedures (called "shadow operations");

• Identified root causes for deviations and performance losses


In an elapsed of two months, the Energy Company understood the as-is situation and underlying root causes, thus devising a set of actions which brought in short time to gain an optimal control of PTP process, considerably reducing the number of variants and setting up a continuous monitoring operational process, eliminating the non virtuous paths and behaviors, and reducing total process SLA.

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