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We implement solutions capable of innovatively redesigning your role within the healthcare system. 

Within a few years, the healthcare system will be forced to change radically due to the joint action of six dynamics:

  • increasing rates of ageing among the population

  • chronicisation of previously incurable pathologies

  • epidemiological development marked by lifestyles and environmental factors

  • availability of diagnostic and therapeutic innovations with increasing effectiveness and high costs

  • economic and financial unsustainability of the entire healthcare system

  • digital solutions that are modifying the ways of managing and delivering healthcare services

Working in healthcare today requires different competencies and oversight of new tools and activities.

We can propose innovative solutions to make you a leader in the healthcare sector, because:

  • From the outset, we have been designing and building important partnerships with the various players in the system

  • We collaborate with the main players in the pharmaceutical and medtech industry, major healthcare and research facilities, institutions and the most advanced Digital Health start-ups.

Our Offering

We generate value insight, define strategies and develop initiatives capable of producing innovation in your healthcare system.


We analyse external environments to build value insight

1. Healthcare Customer Experience

We examine the evolution of the role and expectations of the main customers in the healthcare world: patients, doctors, caregivers, health decision-makers and payers. Furthermore, we develop customer experience models for implementing new healthcare solutions.

2. Access and Disease Landscape

We monitor risks and opportunities, and also develop projects to support your patients' rapid access to new technologies.

3. Digital Health Scouting

We constantly examine the evolution of Digital Health, selecting the most promising technologies and solutions for your innovative pathway.


We design new solutions that can develop decisions, enhance strategic excellence and improve organisational readiness

4. Strategic Transformation

  • We design strategies for launching and developing new pharmaceutical therapies, medical devices, and healthcare equipment and technologies.

  • We develop Price and Reimbursement evaluations and tools to support dialogue with your healthcare decision-makers and stakeholders.

  • We create and implement your digital transformation pathways.

5. Future Organisation

We design the organisations, roles and governance models that will let you face the challenges found in the healthcare landscape.

6. Portfolio Evolution

  • We support the evolution of your product portfolio, providing plans for optimisation, strategic and operational repositioning.

  • We support you with M&A services designed to identify, evaluate and integrate your portfolio's new assets.


We create new opportunities for action in the healthcare market, building innovative solutions and consolidated partnerships

7. Health Analytics and Real World Evidence

We implement initiatives to involve you in generating RWE, fundamental for supporting the main clinical, organisational and management processes, and access to the various health innovations.

8. Disease Management Optimisation

We use analysis and optimisation models for the pathways of disease management and the main healthcare processes, by involving regional and local health decision-makers, healthcare facilities and companies in the life sciences sector in major partnership projects.

9. Digital Health Deployment

We offer solutions for innovating healthcare processes and services, taking advantage of the digital developments available and transforming them into Digital Health opportunities.

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