Transformation Act

Create the culture where you can thrive

We design an environment where effective behaviours will spread organically

Whatever you resolve to do, you have to be true to it. It starts with your inner self: your culture, or, in other words, your behaviours, because how we do things ends up being who we are.

We design social behaviours that are aligned not just with human psychology and the business context you operate in, but also with your long-term strategic ambitions.


Digital and Agile awakeness

New ways of working: physical + digital workplace (Phygital)

Employee engagement and future workforce transformation

Organizational design and Agile-at-scale transition

Digital operating model and portfolio management

Incept new cultures: data-driven, customer-centric, secure and diversity

Adopt new organizational models: flat, holacracy, sustainable

Reskilling, education & certification

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